How to Get Consistent Email List Signups on Autopilot with Pinterest

Grow Your Email List with Pinterest Marketing

I have a little secret to tell.

My email list stayed below 100 subscribers for over SIX MONTHS. 🤯

When I first got serious about the online business world, I struggled. Not just with getting email list signups, but also with getting traffic to my website and getting engagement on my social media accounts.

I was tired, burned out, and ready to quit.

Thankfully, I didn’t—and it was mostly because I discovered Pinterest marketing.

Now, I have a steady stream of traffic to my website from Pinterest, and I get multiple people signing up to my email list every day.

Here, have a little proof! This screenshot is of my ConvertKit stats for a typical 10-day period for me.

Convertkit email list stats over 10 day period from Pinterest

The best part? To get these email list signups, all I have to do is . . . NOTHING!

That’s right. Creating a winning Pinterest marketing strategy takes some work in the beginning, but after you have yourself some content, things are pretty easy to streamline (and automate).

I actually go in depth about this in my Pinterest Foundations mini course. I’d definitely recommend signing up if you’re looking to understand the Pinterest marketing basics!

What You Need to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business

If you’re truly ready to dive into a Pinterest marketing strategy, there are a couple things that I view as non-negotiables. You can work your way around them, but it’s not ideal.

You’ll Need a Website

While not every Pinterest marketing expert recommends you have a website, I do. This is super important, and I go into why in my mini course.

You’ll also Need Some Type of Content

This is something else I can’t recommend enough. Adding a blog into your content marketing strategy will up your chances of succeeded on Pinterest by an infinite amount. Seriously—it’s game changing for this platform.

Types of Content:

  • Blog posts
  • Embedded podcast episodes
  • Embedded YouTube videos

Note: I always recommend transcribing and formatting podcast episodes and videos! Not everyone likes to listen/watch. So make it into an easily-readable blog post as well!

If the thought of more content creation scares you, no worries! I love content re-purposing, and I teach all about it on my Instagram!

The Goal: Email List Signups

The basic flow of a pinner is this:

  1. Browsing on Pinterest (or searching)
  2. Sees and clicks through your pin
  3. Reads your content to solve their problem
  4. Signs up for your list to further solve their problem

Then you can nurture your new subscribers through email sequences or your weekly emails, etc.

But you can’t just throw pins out there and hope for the best. You need to have some type of strategy.

Pssst! Want even more Pinterest marketing tips? Make sure you’re following me on Instagram @rebekahjdietzcreative!

The Basics of a Pinterest Marketing Strategy

It starts with making sure your pins are going out to the right people. You do that by having an optimized account and doing keyword research.

Then your pins need to give INCENTIVE to click. You need to have good headlines, they need to be readable, and they need to stand out in Pinterest’s feed.

Once you’ve managed to get a user to click through, it needs to be VERY clear what action you want them to take, and you need to make them WANT to take that action.

Then they’ll sign up for your list. Yay!

ALL of these different stages need to work together to get that perfect flow and optimal user experience.

And I promise you, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Once you set it up, you’re done, and it’s SO easy to automate. And I take my clients step-by-step through this process.

I remember what it’s like to have your subscriber number stay stagnant for months, or grow by, like, FIVE people over the course of an entire month.

I know how frustrating it is to promote your freebie to seemingly deaf ears. To sign up for all the things to figure out lead generation. I wasted so much time!

I’m here to help you create a system + strategy to get leads basically on autopilot every. single. day.

So where should you start? Sign up for my Pinterest Foundations mini course.

This mini course will teach you:

  • How Pinterest works
  • How to optimize your account
  • How to do keyword research for Pinterest
  • How to design click-worthy pins
  • How to create a simple pinning strategy that you can automate

Ready to start growing your email list + make passive income with Pinterest? Click here to sign up!

How to Get Consistent Email List Signups with Pinterest - Mockup of Free Course

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